International Wedding: A Magical Experience

International Weddings and Me

Hi everyone and thanks for coming by!

Cross-culture and international weddings have a very specific magic on them for me. I would like to invite you to my realm of thought about it and what I do at weddings.

I am Marco. I’m a creative-academic or so – I don’t have a sticky label for myself yet.

I write different stuff, teach, and speak professionally for more than 20 year. Well, and I paint, and play the guitar a little. I’m all about stories, people, and how to reach the heart and soul and how to make society and the world better. A lost romantic in a way.

I hold international academic degrees in two languages and I deem myself a scholar of the humanities. I always wanted to know why the world and people are how they are. Here you have found me in my “emotional” realm which circles around weddings I take part at as a speaker. I focus on emotional atmosphere and authentic communication, and I write communication and marketing stuff for companies, atmospheric design and such.

I love to make people and their important stuff shine and talk about their personality potentials and how they establish blissful relationships and families. I deem this valuable for everyone. That is why I don’t just applaud but take my part with my capabilities and support any endeavor of people to unite reliably and form a family.

What I do at weddings

My job is manifold in its effect and simple in its execution. I speak. And thereby I give weddings an impression, make them last in the souls of the people present. However, this is always mutual between me, the couple and their guests.

Doing a wedding speech on a highly professional level is art. It in my opinion nothing academic and not my personal stage for my spotlight. It is the ultimate challenge for a rhetoric expert because one cannot simply convey facts but must convey emotions and subconscious patterns. For that one needs empathy and the ability to observe, interpret and translate – in my case into illustrative words and stories. It’s art and thus I must become emotionally involved with the couple somehow.

The Wedding Superpower

Beauty, affection, and deep, real love. It all is there in between whenever two lovers commit their lives. And sometimes I find myself in the middle.

In retrospect after decades of speaking and years at weddings it all comes down to the notion of pure joy to me.

Joy is the first impression I am looking for in couples that want to meet me. I found out this is the crucial ingredient for me to be able to take part in a wedding. Is there genuine joy about the boundless luck they had of finding each other and becoming a family?

What am I babbling on? Well, sometimes it is better to give an example. Hence, I’ll just leave here a testimony of Verena and Henrik who put their trust in me to find expressions to what was happening to them. She, a German, he Swedish and our event made eternal by Ashley and Andreas, our photographers from the US (link at the end).

Verena and Henrik both wrote me an email later in retrospect and it grabbed me by the heart because I felt so fully understood. I was – and still am – super happy about how they reflected my part at their wedding. I think I just share this with you (I have their permission) and comment on it for those of you who are interested in my way of thinking.

The Story of a Wedding

You raised us up as couple during the ceremony and our guests were able to understand why we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We could not have asked for more… Therefore, we would like to say “Thank you”. You are incredible! 🙂 And we hope that many more couples will approach you for their own wedding.

So, what happened?

“Your speech really ‘hit the nail right on the head’. 🙂 It was quite incredible to hear you talk about us in such detail and with such passion, it is hard to believe that we had only met a couple of times before.”

They describe an effect I really enjoy. Indeed, I do kind of work as a profiler. I have to if I want to really talk about my couples, don’t I? Befriended photographers who experienced me sometimes labeled me a profiler. But it’s more part of my personality than a methodical approach to my couples. I have no professional psychological background. It’s my personal antennas.

And it is not without the couple’s invitation to understand them. I am happy to have met couples which have allowed me into their hearts and minds so I can find out what I can talk about on their wedding. If I can manage to repay their trust with a feeling of fulfillment of their hopes and as such being conveyed to their guest, I believe to have accomplished my task.

Your speech transformed the ceremony into a very intimate moment between our guests and us. We hadn’t seen many of our friends and family in years and a lot of them hadn’t even met us as a couple, so it was extra special that they received a sort of “intro” to us as individuals but also as a couple.

The guests… oh yes. They are guests and not just spectators or audience. Usually, they are handpicked and have well deserved to be there. Especially at international weddings some guest endured long trips to be present. They deserve some attention as well.

Depending on how much “involve us”-energy they send towards the whole event I try to take them by the hand – mentally – and sneak with them into the couple’s world during the wedding ceremony. There is a huge difference of having spectators who watch you get wed or emotionally partaking guests who feel the importance and impact of your wedding. I help them to access those beautiful emotions, too.

That’s the power of a speaker. I can drag them in.

You even transformed our “negative” personality traits and habits into something positive. This really impressed us and we are thankful for that. You showed us that even the habits that we do not like about ourselves can be seen in a positive light when we are together as a couple. You emphasized that we can learn from each other in spite of being very different.

Is lover not also the intention to accept the other one even with her or his flaws – and, truth be told, we all have flaws. Loving a person nonetheless is awesome! Love covers, forgives and over time transforms us. What else would you talk about at a wedding speech? Seriously? Come on! There’s so much power in turning things positive! That’s joy.

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day and making this experience truly unforgettable.

Well guys, thank you! Double time! To all the couples I had the privilege to wed during the years.

And thank you, dear reader, for staying with me until here. I hope you got a glimpse of how I tick.

And if you think I could support your wedding with a speech and you need information about pricing or any other question email me



Pictures: Ashley Ludaescher.