Magic of Intercultural Weddings

Warum freie Trauungen, Marco?
28. April 2016
Interview Marco Herr
Interview mit DJ Rosenbaum
29. Oktober 2016

Usually, I do not give particular wedding as example or reference – it’s a way too individual thing to be at all representative. However, I have to admit that sometimes my job is all emotional and couples and their stories touch me deeply and draw me in. Therefore I share this wedding and its impressions on me with you. Also I believe it to be a more or less appropriate representation for what I think I am doing with my speeches.

Verena and Henrik, a German-Swedish couple, for me personally represented authentic joy, beauty, emotions and deep affection that on their wedding day propelled us toward loads of positive vibes and hope for their future. On this day I also met the wonderful Ashley Ludaescher who caught all forever in pictures. (Link to Ashley’s photography page)

If I narrow this wedding down to one word it is “joy”. Most couples have a history of deep and affectionate times together. I believe real love never is superficial or quickly to grasp. It is hidden under our masks and our culture’s conventions. We tend to hide it somehow because we avoid laying bare what we are afraid to loose. Verena and Henrik, however, were so up front, so inviting, so authentic in their being together that for me personally it was pure joy spending time with them.

If one finds such persons it always is interesting to get acquainted with those persons who – in a way – made them. When I met their families and friends on their wedding day, I was sad I had to leave soon. I had a several hour trip and wanted to be home for the night. Still, the impressions of their wedding lasted. And since they freely gave me some insights about what they felt during and after me holding their wedding speech, I will share it gladly.

You raised us up as couple during the ceremony and our guests were able to understand why we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We could not have asked for more… Therefore, we would like to say “Thank you”. You are incredible! 🙂 And we hope that many more couples will approach you for their own wedding.

So, what had happened?


Your speech really “hit the nail right on the head”. 🙂 It was quite incredible to hear you talk about us in such detail and with such passion, it is hard to believe that we had only met a couple of times before.


Your speech transformed the ceremony into a very intimate moment between our guests and us. We hadn’t seen many of our friends and family in years and a lot of them hadn’t even met us as a couple, so it was extra special that they received a sort of “intro” to us as individuals but also as a couple.


You even transformed our “negative” personality traits and habits into something positive. This really impressed us and we are thankful for that. You showed us that even the habits that we do not like about ourselves can be seen in a positive light when we are together as a couple. You emphasized that we can learn from each other in spite of being very different.


Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day and making this experience truly unforgettable.


Thank you Verena & Henrik. You surely are representative for many other couples I had the honor to accompany with my speeches on their special day. Thank you Ashley, for the powerful pictures.

Well, the fact is that I love my job!

Stay sharp!