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28. April 2016
Interview Marco Herr
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29. Oktober 2016

Magic of Intercultural Weddings

Hi folks!

I usually don’t give one particular wedding as example of what I do. But well, there’s always this one. And I want to share it because I feel that it well represents what I love being part of.

My job is to give weddings an impression, leave a trace. But this is always mutual. If there’ll ever be a wedding which will not impress me in any way I’d know I’d have to quit. It’s art and thus I must become emotionally involved somehow. If not – I’d have failed and start selling shoes.

So, I choose Verena and Henrik to be my representatives for what I love doing.

Natural beauty, love, affection and deep, authentic love. It all was there, and I was there. In the middle of it.

And it was all kept for eternity by Ashley. A photographer of which I believe there could’ve been no one better to catch those magical moments.

In retrospect it all comes down to one notion: Joy. That’s it. That’s what’s got to be and what it should be. That’s the first things I’m looking for in my couples that want to meet me. Is there genuine joy about the boundless luck they had to be together and family? A wedding must be an authentical rockfestival of pure love and joy. At least this is what I aim for.

Well, what am I babbling? I’m going to guide you through the experience with their word to me after the wedding.

You raised us up as couple during the ceremony and our guests were able to understand why we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We could not have asked for more… Therefore, we would like to say “Thank you”. You are incredible! 🙂 And we hope that many more couples will approach you for their own wedding.

So, what happened?

Your speech really “hit the nail right on the head”. 🙂 It was quite incredible to hear you talk about us in such detail and with such passion, it is hard to believe that we had only met a couple of times before.

I love that. I really love that effect. Yes, I do kind of work as a profiler. But meeting loving couples where they really are is more than just psychological finesse. It’s passion and connection. And I am happy to have met couples which let me in their hearts to find out what I can talk about on their wedding. If I can manage to give them their trust back with a feeling of fulfillment of their hopes – I’ve done my job and I feel successfully as an authentic part of their great day. Damn, I love that!

Your speech transformed the ceremony into a very intimate moment between our guests and us. We hadn’t seen many of our friends and family in years and a lot of them hadn’t even met us as a couple, so it was extra special that they received a sort of “intro” to us as individuals but also as a couple.

The guests… oh yes. They are guests and not just spectators or audience. Usually they are handpicked and well deserved to be there. Depending of how much involving-energy they send towards the whole event I try to soak them in the couple’s world in that moments. I am not allowing them to be distracted but to come aware of the awesomeness of what is happening. That’s the power of a speaker. I drag them in.

You even transformed our “negative” personality traits and habits into something positive. This really impressed us and we are thankful for that. You showed us that even the habits that we do not like about ourselves can be seen in a positive light when we are together as a couple. You emphasized that we can learn from each other in spite of being very different.

If my wife would not more than accept me and my “negative” traits she’d have kicked me out long ago. Isn’t love all about that? Transforming all the possible negative, of which I believe we all carry, of the ones we love into accepted traits of love? Love covers, forgives and over time transforms. What else would you talk about at a wedding speech? Seriously? Come on! There’s so much power in turning things positive!

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day and making this experience truly unforgettable.

Thank you Verena & Henrik!